SSR Module offers skin rejuvenation that reduces the appearance of brown spots, broken capillaries and sun damage. The treatments are smooth with no downtime and the latest SSR Technological repairs skin defects and treats facial wrinkles that use low energy, short pulse wideband light. Imperfections can be heated and gently removed but are replaced by newer, younger looking skin.



SHR - SSR technology A breakthrough in patient comfort, speed of procedures and repeatable clinical results. Applying A low fluence in the area you get the IPR SHR for both laser hair removal (SHR) and facial rejuvenation (SSR) providing a dermal heating. Instead of simply burning unwanted hair, it heats the hair follicles to the point of getting appropriate damage very gradually.


3 Sessions


6 Sessions



  • Pigmentation on the entire Face and Body

  •  Sun damage

  •  Uneven skin tone

  •  Fine lines and smoothes the skin

  •  Freckles

  •  Age spots on the entire face and body

  •  Broken veins and capillaries


SSR stands for Super Skin Rejuvenation, a new technology to totally rejuvenate any area of the face and body. The system combines laser technology and the benefits of pulsating light methods to achieve painless results. IN MOTION represents a breakthrough in Skin Rejuvenation with light technology. The treatment is more pleasant than with conventional systems and the skin is better protected. The results are better. SSR can also rejuvenate legs and arms in a much shorter time with the In Motion technique 


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    We do not give refunds on any treatments however we will look into your concerns immediately and try to resolve the matter as quickly as possible. Please give 48 hour notice to cancel or change any appointments otherwise there will be a £20 charge. On special cases for package purchases when one session is taken individual session price will be deducted if a refund has to be processed.  All services and deposit payments are only valid for three months., unused services will expire after this period.